Draggy App: Review of the Dragy GPS Performance Meter

Dragy Review

The Dragy GPS performance meter is a racing performance monitor that can take your races to the next level. Paired with the Dragy app, this vehicle performance tracker provides a wide range of data and insight in real-time straight from the racetrack. Users can also share and compare their performance results with others on the Dragy leader board, a feature available for both iOS and Android. In this Dragy review, we will explain how the device works, what its pros and cons are, and which alternatives are also worth considering.

What Is Dragy?

Dragy is a drag racing gadget developed by Dragy Motorsports that can be mounted on your car’s dashboard. It uses high speed GPS satellites to track your car and sends useful stats straight to your phone via the Dragy app. It has been developed to analyze the performance of any car, no matter the make. The Dragy box is extremely compact, making it easy to place on the dash during testing and convenient to store when not in use. The Dragy box can monitor can also be set up for a specific track or distance.

The Dragy app provides real-time stats as well as post-drive analysis. Its connection to GPS satellites and use of front and back cameras on your phone allows it to track your car as you’re driving. The app provides overlays that show information such as lap times and track conditions. You can also access a wealth of data in post-analysis, like graphs on speed consistency, comparisons to previous drives, and even a leaderboard to compete with other Dragy users.


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Features of Dragy

The Dragy GPS Performance Box contains a wide range of features to help analyze and improve driving times:

  • The Dragy App has numerous preset options for setting your speed bracket and distance. It also allows for custom settings to fine-tune the exact conditions you are looking for.
  • Dragy Motorsports claims the GPS-based speedometer is accurate within a 100th of a second, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • The device connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth with a stable connection. The app is available on both Android and IOS devices.
  • The whole package is easy to set up with only a few steps needed from unboxing it to racing.
  • The newest models like DRG70 V2 have a battery life of up to 25 hours, so there’s no need to worry about taking Dragy on longer drives.
  • Advanced features include superimposing performance data over the mobile camera, virtual races with friends, and an internal feed for photos and performance discussion.
  • Brake performance measurement capabilities include 100-0kmh and 200-0kmh times.
  • Users can define their own performance windows for various metrics, providing flexibility in tracking and comparing different performance aspects of their vehicles.
  • The app allows users to measure and compare trap speeds, enhancing the overall performance analysis.

How to Set Up Dragy

One of the main advantages of the Dragy GPS mount is its easy setup. However, it is advised to check the Dragy instruction manual before initiating the setup.

The Dragy box can be installed on the dashboard of your car. The package comes with magnets and adhesives for easy installation. When choosing where to place the gadget, keep in mind that it performs most accurately when installed with the light facing the sky with a clear sight path. That’s why the recommended location is the center of your car’s dashboard.

Fix the magnets onto the dashboard surface with the adhesive, and then set the device on the mount. This also makes it easy to remove the device and put it back whenever necessary.

To start measuring your performance, download the app from the app store. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to pair your cell phone to the Dragy box via Bluetooth. Settings can be adjusted from your phone, allowing you to select the vehicle you are driving, as well as track layouts and specs to measure. After you’ve set up your preferences, you are good to go. Users can also define their own performance windows for customized performance measurement, such as trap speeds, elapsed times, and time to brake performance.

A blue light lets you know that it’s fully online, satellites included. If the light turns red, the battery of the device is running low.

If you encounter any problems with the device, it can be reset. Disconnect it and wait for 30 seconds when the light should turn off completely. Charging the box for 2 seconds and then unplugging the cable is the next step. Then you just need to wait for about a minute. This will reset the box to factory settings.

How Does the Dragy App Work?

The Dragy app is fed raw data from the box. This data comes from various GPS satellites that the device is connected to. Your cell phone’s front and back cameras can be used to record you and your drive while providing real-time overlays that can show the track, lap times, track conditions, and speed. The software automatically charts slope on all timeslips.

The application offers a range of presets for popular performance specs, but you can also set up custom options by pressing the plus icon halfway down the page. From there, press on the Custom Mode tab to set up your preferences. The app also supports superimposing performance data over video recordings using the app.

After completing your drive, you can view the breakdown of your performance. The app provides speed, acceleration, and height graphs, as well as laps, racing lines, and even the option to compare with previous drives. You can compare yourself to other drivers on an updated leaderboard. The detailed analytics also allow you to scroll through your drive, showing where you were on the track and at which points you were accelerating and decelerating, providing comprehensive performance data.

Pros and Cons

Here is a comparison of the device’s advantages and disadvantages to help you determine whether the Dragy GPS performance box is right for you:

Pros Cons
The device is compact, which makes it easy to store in the glove box when not in use. The LED lights showing whether the box is active or not can be distracting.
The app provides a lot of useful data both in real time and as a post-drive analysis. Some competitors do not require a cell phone to use their trackers.
The upgraded battery can last up to 25 hours. Ads are displayed on the app’s loading screens.
Its app offers preset and customizable settings for speed and distance. The app provides a feedback form but no direct contact with a support team.
The system uses up to four global navigation satellite systems to get the most accurate data. There is a minimum amount of documentation that comes with the package.
The Dragy system is known for producing identical results comparable to more expensive systems.

Dragy Alternatives

Dragy Motorsports isn’t the only one out there making performance boxes. The Dragy Performance Box Lap is a compact device that uses high-speed GPS satellites to accurately measure a vehicle’s performance within 1/100th of a second. It can measure various performance metrics such as acceleration, braking time, lap times, and G-force, and includes features for road racing and drag/roll racing. Here are a few competitors to consider:

  • Racebox: This speed measurement tool features a built-in display, allowing you to track your performance without the need for a cell phone. The Racebox can display lap timers, drag meters, and previous performances while also allowing you to adjust the settings to your preference. This is a great alternative if you don’t use a smartphone for race analysis.
  • Racebox Mini: A similar package to the Dragy, Racebox Mini requires a cell phone and app to utilize. The interesting thing is that you don’t need to use the Racebox app, as other apps are also compatible with it. It has a battery life of up to 20 hours and built-in magnets for mounting options. The box is shock- and splash-resistant and comes with an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • Racelogic Performance Box Touch: This expensive piece of kit costs over $800, which is quite a step up considering you can find Dragy for sale for under $200. What you get for this price includes a 4.3-inch touchscreen display with similar functionality to that of the Racebox. Up to six hours of driving data is stored on an insertable SD card. There is also the option to hook up an additional battery to make it last longer.

Dragy vs Racebox

Considering the price ranges and features, Racebox is the closest competitor to Dragy for most drivers. So, here is a comparison to see how they measure up against one another:


The app is required to utilize the Dragy box. Dragy software automatically charts slope on all timeslips, saves runs in metric and SAE formats, defines performance windows for measuring trap speeds and elapsed times, and generates professional performance reports with charts, stats, speed metrics markers, and history runs. It also includes many advanced features under development, such as virtual races with friends and an internal feed for photos and performance discussion. It’s available at almost half the price, coming in at under $200. The box is light and easily portable. It has up to eight hours of battery life.


The Racebox is a standalone device, meaning that it does not require a cell phone to operate. It provides a more interactive post-race analysis that can be scrolled through. Predictive features enable the device to forecast your upcoming results depending on previous driving sessions. It includes an optional external GPS antenna alongside its internal antenna. The device can store up to 400 racing sessions. It offers up to 25 hours of battery life.


How accurate is Dragy?

Dragy can accurately measure performance within 1/100th of a second thanks to its GPS data logger that utilizes four different global navigation satellite systems to track your driving.

How to turn off Dragy?

Disconnect the Dragy box and wait for the light to fully switch off. This should take around 30 seconds.

How to get a countdown with Dragy?

Lap times and countdowns are available in the Dragy Lap app, which uses your phone’s cameras and real-time prediction timings to monitor your current laps while comparing them to your previous laps.

Is the Dragy app free?

Yes, the app is completely free and can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Does Dragy do 60ft?

Yes, but this metric is only available within the quarter-mile timer mode. Your 60ft performance will be displayed in the post-race analysis section.